3 Mint PLUS+ • Canada & China

3 Mint PLUS+ • Canada & China

Tasty, fresh and what?.......Horny Goat weed?

This triple mint combo boasts peppermint, spearmint and catnip, alfalfa and horny goat weed.

The first two mints aid digestion, the catnip calms us and relaxes our organs, alfalfa is very nutritive and horny goat weed raises your libido. Ancient Chinese secret. Great hot or chilled. Watch and be amazed.

NOTE: It may seem that this tea is expensive-It's NOT!  It's so light and fluffy that you get more volume than most other teas.

Brewing: water – 6 oz. @ 212°F 

Amount:  1 Perfect Teaspoon

Steeping : 3 minutes           

Caffeine: None

Multiple Infusions: No

Wellness Benefits:

Mints calm stomach, catnip is known to calm.. sleep, decongestant, tension type head aches

Horny Goat weed=Raised libido (and everything else that can rise because of that:) .