Organic Roasted Yerba Mate

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Roasted Mate gives coffee snobs something to enjoy when tea is our only option!

But for tea lovers, Roasted Yerba Mate from South America does the following:

  • Yerba mate provides a smooth increase in energy. ... 
  • Yerba mate boosts mental functions of all kinds. ... 
  • Yerba mate is a nutritional powerhouse loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. ... 
  • Yerba mate has a long history of traditional medicinal uses. ... 
  • Yerba mate can boost the immune system.

Roasted Yerba Mate has a refreshing nutty taste with soft undertones of caramel. A naturally stimulating beverage. It gives you a gentle and calm energy increase. Superb iced.

Yerba Mate was a part of indigenous peoples of South America, and is now even part of modern day households in Argentina and even Syria! You can read more about it's history HERE

Origin: South America
85 mg of caffeine per 8 ounce cup
Brewing: water - 6 oz. & 212F / leaves - 1 teascoop / steeping - 3 mins.

Here are a couple of recipes to enjoy this amazing tea:


Place 2 tablespoons of yerba mate into a small cup or dish. Add enough cool water to the cup to make a paste with the yerba mate. Add the yerba mate paste into the porto filter of the espresso machine, packing lightly.


Brew 8-ounces of yerba mate. Add 4-ounces of warmed milk and sugar, honey or maple syrup. Top with milk foam. (Make the foam by placing a small amount of milk in a jar, tighten the lid and shake vigorously, remove the lid and warm in the microwave for several seconds). Sprinkle with O-JOE Apple Pie Spice.


Add 1 large teaspoon of yerba mate to a teapot or French press along with 8-ounces of hot, but not boiling, water. Hot water, rather than cold helps to strengthen the flavor and keeps the tea from becoming too weak flavored when the ice is added. After allowing the mixture to sit for approximately 10 minutes, pour into a glass pitcher and allow it to cool completely. Strain while pouring, if needed. Add honey or any other sweetener preferred and stir thoroughly. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour the yerba mate mixture over the top. Garnish with mint leaves or crush and add a couple directly to the drink for more flavor.


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