The Catherine Stephens Initiative

Catherine Stephens is a London resident who represents a passion for helping others.
 Always conscious of her actions, I met Catherine while she was purchasing ethically sourced, gluten-free food from a local bakery.
Over the past year, I have learned that Catherine is more than her job!  Although she worked with the London Employment Centre helping others with their careers and now with Goodwill Industries, Catherine uses her "outside of work" time to contribute to causes that are engrained in her heart.
By making a purchase in this product collection, you are supporting Catherine's fundraising initiatives. O-JOE will donate a portion of each product directly to the charities she supports. You can even sign up for a recurring coffee subscription which will ensure you get fresh roasted O-JOE on a regular basis to your door AND support Catherine's fundraising initiatives automatically!
Currently, Catherine is preparing to race in  Iron Girl in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Iron Girl is a Sprint Triathlon in Grismby Ontario on August 7, 2016 You can check in on Catherine's progress by clicking HERE.


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