1-2 COLD BREW® Cleaner & Sanitizer

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Cold brew coffee or tea is one of the most tasty and refreshing beverages around!  However, when cleanliness takes a back seat to production, cold brew coffee or tea can be a breeding ground for bacterial growth which can cause sickness or even death.

Cold brew is very popular in the specialty coffee industry, but the standards for cleanliness and sanitation are not practiced diligently by everyone.  At O-JOE coffee, we clean and sanitize our cold brew products, while keeping them refrigerated , served with nitrogen under pressure and dating them so that nothing is served that is more than 2 weeks from the brew date.


1-2 Cold Brew® cleaner and sanitizer will help you make delicious cold brew products at home or your café or restaurant, with the certainty that you've done what you can to properly clean and sanitize your equipment.


For use with: COFFEE


  • 1-2-Cold Brew is a two-step cleaning and sanitizing kit developed specifically to address the unique safety and hygiene requirements of cold brew equipment.
  • Regular cleaning with Clearly Cold™ followed by separate sanitization step with Complete Café™ ensures every batch of cold brewed coffee is delicious and safe.
  • Clearly Cold™ is specially formulated for the removal of coffee oil residue from cold brewed coffee preparation and serving equipment.
  • Complete Cafe™ is an EPA sanitizer specific to cold brew equipment and acceptable for use with coffee brewing equipment, commercial ice machines, frozen beverage equipment, and dairy equipment.
  • Liquid formulation saves time by eliminating the step of dissolving powder into solution and ensures 100% solubility for maximum cleaning potential.