Aged Pu-Erh 3 Year

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Organic Bold Leaf Pu-erh is an earthy post-fermented tea that is highly prized as a healthy beverage in China. It is smooth, deep and bold. It finishes with a flowery sweetness. The longer you steep it the thicker and richer the brew is. It is never bitter. This 3 year old is calming with a trace of caffeine.  Excellent to balance digestion. It is also known as a hangover tea as it detoxes your liver.

Brewing: water – 6 oz. @ 212°F 

Amount:  1 Perfect Teaspoon

Steeping : 30 sec - 3 minutes           

Caffeine: Low

Multiple Infusions:Yes, 3-4 usually

Wellness Benefits:

Digestion balance, detox and support liver function. Known as the hang-over tea. Can help with cholesterol control.