French Press with O-JOE Logo

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There are a number of methods for brewing tea and coffee but the most time-honored and preferred method by connoisseurs of all kinds is the French Press method.  This is sometimes also called the plunger method, or press pot.  Essentially, it is the best way to extract the most pure flavor from the beans while maintaining a clean brew.  Traditional presses were generally made of glass, but this material is not only fragile, but also lacks the ability to retain heat.  So we designed and patented a new type of stainless steel French press and solved the two main issues with French pressing: durability and heat retention. With our Table Top French Press coffee maker, you will brew the cleanest, purest cup of coffee or tea possible, extracting all of the very best flavors, while keeping your brew hot for hours. No need for replacing glass or filters so it’s a sustainable method as well.  Learn more about why a stainless steel French press in this article.

Our Stainless Steel French Presses are perfect for home, office, and outdoors. COLOURS : Brushed Stainless & Obsidian