Avanti Siena Deluxe Semi-pro

Avanti Siena Deluxe Semi-pro
Super silent and convertible (Portable). We chose this product as part of our espresso machine offerings because its very simple in design.  Eventually all espresso machines will need repairs or maintenance.  The Avanti Deluxe makes part replacement and servicing easier than models with components that are more electronic in nature.  This machine is the "tank" of the espresso machine world!

  • Type: Semi-automatic - 
  • Caracteristics: 

    Power supply: 120V 60Hz 1500W

    Pump: Rotary

    Boiler: Copper heat exchanger system (2 L)

    Portafilter: 58mm massive brass commercial sized

    Brewing Head: Massive Brass commercial sized (E61)

    Water Reservoir Capacity: 3 L (removable) or Plumbed-in

    Cup warmer: Yes

    Description: Large pre-infusion chamber.

    Body: Polished or brushed stainless steel

    Size (W x D x H): 31 x 44 x 41 cm