Camino FairTrade® Intensely Dark Chocolate Bar

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It’s here, the new staple dark bar to have! The exquisite taste and smooth texture will make you melt. Made especially for the dark chocolate enthusiasts!

Sold as a 80 g bar.
  • Certified kosher
  • Gluten-free

List of organic ingredients

Cacao mass*, Cacao butter*, Sugars* (golden cane sugar*), Ground vanilla beans*. Minimum 88% cacao. *Fairtrade certified.

Allergen statement

May contain: Tree nuts, Peanuts, Milk.

Nutritional information notice

A few smart Camino customers pointed out some of the Intensely dark bars had errors on the Nutritional Facts table. We worked with CFIA and concluded the mistake was limited to Lots 02.07.20 and 25.04.20. 

The correct Nutritional Facts panel is on this page.

The error poses no public health risk to our customers nor constitutes a voluntary recall of these lots.

La Siembra cares deeply about the health and safety of our consumers and transparency in our supply chain from the farm to the shelf is a core pillar of our fair trade business model. We apologize. If you would like a replacement of the product, please e-mail

Nutritional information

Where does it come from?