Dark Maple Syrup • Loft Syrup, Ilderton

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About the farm: Loft syrup is a family owned business (Mark and Scott Loft are brothers and their families). Loft Syrup is traditionally made in a wood fired boiler (small batches) using scraps that would otherwise be discarded from a local business.  No artificial additives, colouring, or preservatives are added during any part of the processing. The syrup is 100% from our local maple forests near Ilderton, ON.

dark Maple syrup is typically not sought after in the marketplace, but there are many health benefits in dark maple syrup such as anti-cancer properties, anti-bacterial properties and anti-diabetic properties....you can check out more research HERE: Natural News on maple syrup

We use maple syrup to enhance oatmeal, as a sweeter with our RAW Cacao Powder to make a very health hot cocoa.

Finally, maple syrup does not freeze, so you can buy more than you need in bulk and freeze it.  Then pour out what you need when you need it to another bottle and place in the refrigerator for daily use.