FRANKFURT Pour Over Coffee Brewer

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A pour over coffee brewer with wooden accents and premium components to make barista-quality coffee at home.


The stylish pour over coffee brewer

The FRANKFURT from GROSCHE is a beautiful pour over coffee brewer with wooden accents. It includes an ultra-fine permanent stainless steel filter, coffee server and storage pot, and a pour over stand. With stylish looks and premium quality components it will look great and work well in any kitchen. Easily make perfect barista-quality coffee at home within minutes.


Highest-quality borosilicate glass

The FRANKFURT is a complete pour over coffee brewer system with a handmade borosilicate glass. This type of glass is heatproof and will never cloud or stain even after years of use. The carafe holds 600 ml of freshly brewed drip coffee, enough for 2 large cups of coffee. You can easily serve the coffee straight from the carafe using the wooden handle. Due to the wooden handle, we recommend hand-washing the Frankfurt with a sponge and mild dish soap.


Permanent stainless steel filter

No more paper filters! Paper filters rob you of the essential oils that are extracted from your coffee during the brewing process. With the FRANKFURT’s ultra-fine 18-8 mesh stainless steel filter, you can maximise your coffee’s full potential. To avoid potentially clogging your filter with coffee oils, clean it immediately after usage with a soft soapy sponge.


How to make pour over coffee

Start by preheating your glass vessel.  Measure out 18 grams of coffee for every 300 grams of water = approximately 10 oz cup.

Grind to a medium, slightly courser than a paper filter grind.

Bring water to boil then let settle to a temperature below 208 F.  Some sweet spots for coffee brewing occur at temperatures of 195 F or less.

Gently begin to pour water over grounds, just enough to saturate but not really drip through. This is called a "bloom" to allow for off gassing of C02.  Wait 20 seconds, then continue your slow pouring technique in a circular and zig-zag motion to agitate the grounds while slowly pouring.

Stir to agitate if needed.


GROSCHE Safe Water Project

With the purchase of any product, GROSCHE provides 50+ days of safe drinking water for people in need through the GROSCHE Safe Water Project. GROSCHE is a Social Enterprise and certified B Corp on a mission to make the world a better place.