HARIO V60-02 Ceramic Dripper

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Coffee doesn't have to be complicated- It's just water and fresh coffee.  Although we love different brewing methods, some of which require expensive equipment, the HARIO V60 dripper allows for exceptional coffee with little equipment. Simply, heat your water to just below boiling, add 12 g of fresh ground O-JOE coffee to the paper filter, pour just a bit of water over the grinds to "bloom" the grinds, then finish with a steady, clockwise pour-keeping the level consistent until you reach your desired coffee level. (Yes, for all of you barista's out there, you can weigh your water and portion it out using the 15 to 1 ratio that we like!- we're just keeping things simple for those just getting into great coffee!)

We use this method at local markets, roster open houses and events.  It's truly one of the most economical but tasty ways of having the freshest coffee.

This method, paired with the appropriate filters, is ideal for making single cups of coffee directly into the mug - you can make up to 16oz in one brew - and ensures that you only make the coffee that you need. It's simple to use, easy to clean and, as long as you have good coffee, may make you put your coffee machine away for good.

**Does not come with the paper filters, but you can add them to this purchase in the options. 


Filter description: 

100 pack of the brown unbleached V60-02 paper filters. Gives you a sediment free clean cup of coffee.

As with any paper filter, ensure that you wash through with boiling water first to remove any remaining paper taste. These filters are natural brown and unbleached.