K-CUP® Cleaning Cups

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We will admit that we are not big fans of the whole "k-cup" style method of brewing, but we do respect that some of customers enjoy the convenience of this system.  Where we can help those customers is on the cleaning and descaling side of things.  These brewers rarely get to a hot enough temperature to kill any bacteria that may be growing in stale water lines or boiler chambers, and any stale residue from years of making k-cup style coffee can impart displeasing flavours on your next cup.

We've brought in K-CUP® Cleaning Cups b URNEX® to help address those concerns.


  • Cleans brew chamber and exit needle for better tasting coffee
  • For full machine maintenance and optimal taste, use regularly with Single Cup Brewer Descaling Liquid
  • Compatible with Keurig 1.0 & 2.0
  • 5 cups per unit; Use once a week or whenever changing between sweetened beverages and coffee and tea
  • There are 5 Single Cup Brewer Cleaning Cups in each box
  • It is recommended to clean your machine once every week