Ethiopian Sidamo • Natural Processing • Medium Roast

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O-JOE Ethiopian Sidamo is a medium roasted coffee that makes up a small percentage of our popular JOEY's FAV.  On its own, this coffee is lively, aromatic with hints of dark berry fruit and even laced with notes of Milk chocolate, but with pronounced tannins.

TIP: If you mix these beans with beans from Peru, you get the combination of lemon-, blueberry milk chocolate (of course not literally, but in a subtle,  "coffee-snobbish" way).

About the origin of the coffee: Organic & FairTrade® Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union


To read more about this co-operative and their social justice efforts, click HERE.


Elevation: 1500-2000 meters / 4500-4900 ft

Processing: Natural

Roast: Medium