Office or Home Pour Over System (Basic or Pro)

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We often hear people say that the convenience of a K-Cup style brewer or even a drip machine is why they settle for inferior coffee.  That's a misconception that we'd like to clear up.  hand crafted, ultra-fresh coffee can be made conveniently and for a fraction of the cost of any capsule style brewer.  On top of that, most K-Cup style brewers can't get the the ideal temperature needed for perfect extraction, and the coffee was ground weeks, if not, months prior to you getting hold of it.

Finally if you were to take out the ground coffee from a capsule and weight it - you'd discover that you are paying anywhere from $25-$40 per pound for pre-ground, mass produced, nitrogen flushed, under extracted coffee.

Introducing the Home or Office Pour Over System.

With a few quality tools, you'll have the convenience of quickly brewed coffee, but the quality of barista prepared coffee!


The basic system comes with: ($314 +hst)

Zojirushi Water Boiler CD-WBC30 3 Litre capacity

HARIO Buono Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle 1.0L

HARIO BPA-Free Plastic Cone Dripper

HARIO 100 Pk unbleached paper filters

HARIO Glass Server


7" Airscape® Coffee Storage Container

Stainless Steel drip tray

Or Upgrade to the Pro System: ($549 + hst)

Everything listed above 

Baratza Encore Entry Level Grinder

Brewista® Smart Waterproof Scale for weighing