Organic Ginger Licorice • U.S.A. & China

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This cut and sifted root combination brews up a flavourful sweet yet pungent warm tasting cup that is effective soothing stomach upset, heartburn and acid reflux. It is commonly used for diabetes, gives your adrenal system a boost and the ginger has anti-inflammatory properties.


Brewing: water – 6 oz. @ 212°F 

Amount:  1 Perfect Teaspoon

Steeping :3 minutes         

Caffeine: None

Multiple Infusions: No

Wellness Benefits:

Ginger supports digestion, stomach upset, inflammation

Licorice boosts adrenal system ( not to be used long term without breaks  

As it will deplete eventually) , Throat, mild laxative.

This will work as a super cold with cough fighter.

2 cups 2 times a day for three days then a week off ..then repeat.

Brew at 212°F for 15 mins for medicinal benefits.