Organic Ontario Herbal with Chamomile

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 A calming herbal that is grown in Ontario and blended in Stratford.  A combination of red raspberry leaf, dandelion leaf and root, oatstraw, stinging nettle leaf, chamomile flower heads and a touch of spearmint create a very refreshing tisane. The cup is light and bright. It has a soft vegetative taste with a hint of spearmint.  This is a wonderful caffeine-free herbal to sip anytime to relax.   

NOTE: It may seem that this tea is expensive.  IT's NOT!  It is so light and fluffy, that you end up getting so much more volume than most other teas.

Brewing: water – 6 oz. @ 212°F 

Amount:  1 Perfect Teaspoon

Steeping : 3 minutes           

Caffeine: None

Multiple Infusions: No

Wellness Benefits:

Red Raspberry Leaf- hormones, rich in iron, niacin and manganese,

Dandelion leaf – digestion, liver function, uterine tonic,

Dandelion root - digestion, liver function

Oatstraw – nerve tonic that is high in calcium

Stinging Nettle- a superior tonic herb rich in iron, calcium, potassium, silicon, magnesium, manganese, zinc and chromium plus others. Hair and scalp tonic, reproductive tonic, supports prostate function, urination, supports liver.

Chamomile flower heads- calming for nervous system, inflammation of skin,

Spearmint- calms stomach