PAPA • A Tribute to all Fathers

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Curated coffees, roasted separately - with a focus on smooth, rich dark roasts - then blended for a complex, bolder cup.

PAPA 2022 is made from high quality beans from Brazil, Guatemala & Colombia. This is a primarily a medium roasted coffee blend, but darkened up just a touch  with a dark roasted Guatemala. It's rich, bold, yet very smooth.

All coffees are arabica and grown between 900 m - 1700 m m above sea level. The Brazilian coffee is from Cachoeira da Grama in Mogiana by Gabriel Dias' family farm. The Colombia is produced by Finca el Recreo in Sierra Nevada, one of our direct trade farmers. Finally, the Guatemala is an organic grown coffee from the Huehuetenango region.

The varietals included in this unique blend are:

Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra & Pache.