Raw Italian Almonds (454 g)

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Why RAW and Why Italian?

Specs: As per California Law, all California almonds have to be flash steam-sterilized, resulting in a product that cannot be advertised as fully raw. (although we have had someone sprout one before…)

Our Italian almonds are imported directly from Italy and are of the Genco Variety – a high yield almond variety with a consistent mild taste.

Quality: Medium to high, very few (<1%) bitter almonds, inconsistent in shape and size.

Specs: Italian Almonds are unpasteurized – meaning that they are fully raw.

Summary: Our Organic Italian Genco Variety Almonds are great for use in cooking, baking, and making almond milk. Although not as sweet in flavor compared to the California Non-Pareil Almonds, Genco Almonds still make for a great out of the bag snack. 


Short term: cool, dark, and dry. If storing for long periods, keep refrigerated or best frozen.

Nutrition Facts

Almonds are considered to be healthy due to their fatty acid spectrum. This consists of 80% oleic acid, 15% linoleic acid and 5% palmitic acid. In addition, they have 19% protein, 16% carbohydrates and many minerals, above all potassium and vitamins B1 and B2.