Springett's Local Honey

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At Springett's, they produce high quality honey using completely natural methods. They try to work with the bees as naturally as possible by following an organic program for honey bees. They use natural, wooden hives and avoid plastics. In 2013 they planted 6 acres of clover and several large areas of herbs for the bees to enjoy, which gave a unique and delicate flavour to their honey and encouraged the bees to "stay home". It is a constant challenge for beekeepers to keep their bees healthy and away from any neighbouring farms whose crops may have been sprayed with harmful chemicals. Springett's are pleased to say that they've had no deaths from pesticides this year that we are aware of.  Consumers rave about the resulting high quality of honey, and Springett's vegetable gardens benefit from the added pollination. They have been farming for 35 years, and have always been devoted to natural, sustainable practices. Their fields have never been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides.