VIP20 Mexico Chiapas Organic

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REGION: Chiapas
SUB REGION: Sierra Madre, Soconusco
PRODUCER: Federation of Cooperative Societies Agroecológica y Cafetalera de Chiapas (FEDCAFE)
ALTITUDE: 1100+ masl
Varietals: 1. Catimor 2. Sarchimor 3. Bourbon 4. Caturra

CUPPING NOTES: Baker’s chocolate, mild nuttiness, balanced


FEDCAFE is a producer organization located in the regions of Soconusco and Sierra Madre in Chiapas. It was founded in February 2014 and includes two organizations: the Coordinator of Organizations and Communities of the Sierra (COCOSI, est. 2002), and Sumando esfuerzos SC (SESCO, est. 2005). FEDCAFE now has 680 members in the southern zone of the state of Chiapas. It supports producers in a context where "coffee rust" has affected many coffee trees: it is a disease caused by a fungus that causes significant yield losses. Producers are then trained in the practices of fights against this fungal disease through agro-ecological treatments. A replanting program for new coffee trees has also been put in place.