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Syrupy body with lingering notes of mulled wine & orange/cherry chocolate.

Vareitals: Red & Yellow Caturra, Bourbon

1500 M.A.S.L.

Washed Processing


We pride ourselves on importing the highest quality coffee, grown without the use of synthetic chemicals & harvested by the hands of small farmers and their families.  We are so happy that we work with a community of farmers through Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, a social enterprise that helps Nicarguan farmers connect with roasters like us!

When Finca Idealista (founded by Ben Weiner who happened to study coffee) sent its first 22 bags of coffee to the United States, other producers asked for help connecting with international markets. They were not receiving prices that would allow them a decent standard of living, despite certifications designed for that specific purpose! They cupped every single lot of their coffees and selected only the highest-cupping ones for export. Neighbors started copying neighbors with high-cupping coffee, even planting entirely new varieties to improve scores. Partner producers improve their standards of living by connecting their high-cupping coffee with roasters--installing solar panels and new processing equipment, expanding their farms, improving their houses, and more.