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Some of the very best espresso blends used in the Europe all have one thing in common: they use Brazilian coffee as a base for their blends. You know what else they all have in common?  They all use Brazilian coffee that, in most cases, has been produced by cutting down rainforests, excessive and toxic pesticides, GMO strains of coffee, and unfair working conditions.

It was because of these commonalities that O-JOE was extra picky and searched extensively for a quality, naturally produced coffee from Brazil.  After eight long months of not knowing if we could ever replicate the best euro-espressos with a coffee that reflected our values of environmental sustainability and social responsibility, we found Daterra Farms.

Daterra Farm is the modern example of a wealthy company doing the right thing for the environment, the coffee and their workers.

Daterra Farm is Rainforest Alliance ® certified, UTZ Certified

Zé Café Espresso Blend is made from three cultivars of beans grown on a specific acreage of land at Daterra. The blend has won awards as an espresso blend in barista championships, but what we like about it is its nutty aroma and flavour mixed with slight vanilla and even marzipan. The créma is thick, and is truly everything one looks for in a european style espresso.