CoffeeSock Organic Cloth Coffee Filters

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Brew coffee using the "dirty sock" method.  No waste, but exceptional flavour!
  • Pack of 2
  • 100% Made from organic cotton
  • 100% Handmade in the USA
  • What is a Coffee Sock?

    The Coffee Sock may just be the best and easiest way to make great coffee.  It is a cloth (usually fine cotton/muslin) shaped like a filter or sock in which ground coffee is loaded and then boiling water is added.  There are varying designs, from the very complex to the very simple.   We prefer the simple as they taste great and cost little. 

    What grade coffee grind should I use with my Coffee Sock?

    You can use any grind (fine to course), however we recommend using an extra find grinded coffee for the best taste and a stronger brew.

    How long can I reuse my Coffee Sock for?

    If you take good care of your Coffee Sock it could last years!   The estimated life span of a frequently used Coffee Sock is 6-12 months.   If the Coffee Sock is not allowed to dry it may become mouldy and this is the end for that Coffee Sock (however this can be avoided! – Refer to ‘How do I clean my Coffee Sock?)

    How do I clean my Coffee Sock?

    Cleaning your Coffee Sock is easy.  Firstly dispose of the used coffee and then rinse it under the tap until all used coffee is removed.  Now hang the Coffee Sock somewhere to allow it to dry out. Simple.

    We strongly recommended against the use of any cleaning agents/chemicals being used to clean your Coffee Sock.  These will not only shorten the life of the Coffee Sock but will impact the taste of further coffee.

    My Coffee Sock looks dirty and I cannot get it white again!

    When you first get your Coffee Sock it’s a lovely white, but after a few uses it becomes stained with the colour of coffee.  This is not a bad thing!  The Coffee Sock absorbs the oils in coffee and this will add to the flavour of your coffee.  Yes it may look ugly but rest assured that it will still make a great cup of coffee.  In fact we believe the older a Coffee Sock gets the better the coffee it makes tastes!  (this assumes it is cleaned and dried out after reach use)

    How does the Coffee Sock brew my coffee?

    The Coffee Sock uses the steeping method to extract the goodness from your fresh coffee beans.   Steeping means to soak or saturate to extract flavour.  

    Can I make my own Coffee Sock?

    Sure!  Check out this site  But if you’re like me I would rather someone did it for me.

    Could I just use a pair of my socks?

    We would suggest socks for your feet belong on your feet. Feet socks are not normally fine enough to brew coffee and you have that fluff, lint and detergent taste too!  So in short no you can't do the same thing with a pair of your socks!

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