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Environmental & Social Implications of O-JOE Product Purchases

You might not always think about it, but the decision to purchase products and services that commit to certain ethical, social and environmental initiatives help make the world a better place.  We'd be naive to think or claim that we can solve all of the world's issues simply by purchasing through O-JOE, but we CAN make a small difference in the lives a few by taking a closer look at where our food and drink comes from; who makes it; how it's produced; how it's packaged.  Below are just a few of the global issues being addressed with O-JOE products.


We commit to purchasing Organic FairTrade® OR Rainforest Alliance® Coffees wherever possible. 

We work with coffee importers from all over North america to ensure that the coffee supply chain is working for the benefit of everyone - from the farmer to your coffee pot.

We pay premium prices to supply fresh, organic & naturally produced coffee to you.  We won't "cheap out" on that commitment - ever!



O-JOE Coffee comes in kraft, brown paper bags.  We know they're not as "sexy" as the colourful bags you'll get at the grocery store, but they are environmentally friendly.  They are made from recycled content and are recyclable after use.  The poly liner side the bag secures freshness, but is made from a plant that is annually renewable - it is completely BPA free and compostable (minus the tin tie at the top of the bag).

The disadvantage of this type of bag is that it can only preserve freshness for less than a month - not good if you're a big grocery chain and want to have products on the shelves for many months!  However, because we are a local, small coffee roaster, you don't have to buy any more coffee than you can drink in a two week period!  When you run out, let us know and we'll get you a fresh batch.

It is BECAUSE of our environmentally friendly packaging that you can drink FRESH coffee, and we can't put a bunch on a shelf to sell months later!


Helping Communities far...but just as important....Communities NEAR!

It seems that every business ascertains to be helping those in need in other countries with their profits. Although there is a need for our donations and support in other countries, what about our own backyard? Mother Theresa was once quoted saying, "If each of us would only sweep our own doorstep, the whole world would be clean".

At O-JOE we take that thought seriously and put in into the heart and soul of everything we do.  We ask ourselves everyday:

How can we create a successful business by doing what we love?

How can we minimize the impact we have on the environment and in the lives of those in our supply chain?

FINALLY, How can we HELP people right here in our community?

You'll notice that we embrace using coffee and tea as a catalyst for causes. One of these causes is the Café Femenino Foundation. On top of donating to the foundation abroad through every roasted pound of coffee, we take an additional amount of money from each roasted pound and donate it to our local Women's Resource Centre in Strathroy, Ontario.

We also realize that our social initiatives may not be what other's are passionate about. Let's face it, there are many, many causes and initiatives that need everyone's help, but we all don't have the resources to help everyone.  That's why we have taken it an initiative to make coffee and tea work for your particular cause too.  We have the ability to help you raise funds for your cause by offering O-JOE COFFEE & TEA to your members.  As your members purchase fantastic, fresh, natural coffee and tea, we'll track those purchases with a special code and send the profits back to your organization - it's our way of being able to help through your efforts.