We Believe

OJoe Coffee We Believe


If we haven't already, we'd be honoured to serve you someday. Until then, from our small-town family of four to you and yours, know that we believe...

  • Coffee is a nearly magic elixir that enhances the lives of those who grow, process, prepare, and consume it

  • Coffee cultivates conversation and connection

  • Making a quality cup of coffee for someone may make them happy for a day, but teaching them to make a quality cup will serve them for a lifetime

  • Roasted coffee is a fresh product, ideally enjoyed within two weeks of roasting

  • When brewing coffee, every ingredient must be measured to ensure quality and consistency of flavour

  • Decaf, done right, should taste as good as caffeinated coffee

  • Coffee and tea, like all crops, are best grown organically

  • Tea is as healthy as coffee, maybe healthier

  • Pure, filtered water extracts the optimal flavour from quality coffee or tea

  • People with food or dairy sensitivities shouldn't have to pay more for their beverages

  • Product packaging and cups shouldn't pollute the earth
  • Businesses should support communities both near and far

  • Learning keeps us humble

  • It's always best to do what's right, no matter what

  • In giving we receive our greatest reward


To discover just a few of the ways that we practice our beliefs, check out our purchasing and packaging practices.