O-JOE Coffee

Roasted fresh, these small batch coffees are ethically sourced and slow roasted to bring out unique flavours that tell the story of everyone in the supply chain who produced those amazing coffees for you.

If you are looking for something specific, use the Filter By tab below to reorganize this amazing line of Hand-Roasted Coffee.

Grind Selections:

French Press = Course

Metal Filter = Percolator, Refillable K-Cup, Cloth Filter (Medium Fine)

Drip Paper Filter = Paper filter, Normal Drip machine (Fine)

Espresso/Aeropress® = Very fine

All orders are processed By Saturday of each week, then roasted on Tuesday and usually sent out for delivery or are ready for pick up at the O-JOE Coffee Bar by Wednesday 8 am.

If your order is received after Saturday, there is a chance it may not be processed until the following week.