Coffee Subscriptions


Subscribe and Save!

It's pretty much like a coffee Christmas several times each month (or at your preferred interval). Your favourite freshly-roasted O-Joe coffee simply shows up at your home or office, with no danger of the dreaded forgotten order and empty coffee container (gasp).

To express our gratitude to our regular coffee customers we offer cost savings to all subscribers. Enjoy a 5% ongoing discount on your coffee, BUT if you choose to prepay for your subscription you'll save even more:

Prepay for 2 months and save 5%

Prepay for 3 months and save 7%

Prepay for 6 months and save 10%

Prepay for 12 months and save 15%

Know that your subscription is completely flexible. You can login to your OJoe account and adjust the type of coffee, quantities, and even delivery schedule at any time. There's even an option to skip a delivery if you have plans to be basking on a beautiful beach somewhere.


How to Subscribe and Save

To set up your convenient coffee subscription, simply navigate to your favourite coffee selection(s), and choose the subscription option, rather than a one-time purchase. (See image below)

OJoe Coffee Subscription Instructions

If you experience any challenges with your subscription setup, please contact us and allow us to support your efforts.




Can I add another product to my existing subscription?

  1. From the "Shopify storefront", select Log in.
  2. Enter Email.
  3. Enter Password.
  4. Select Sign In.
  5. From a subscription-based product page, select Add to existing subscription.

    Add to existing subscription

  6. Confirm subscription information:
    • If there is only one subscription tied to the account review the current subscription information.
    • If there are multiple subscriptions tied to the account, select which subscription you would like to add this product to.

    Confirm subscription information

  7. Confirm new shipping rate if required.
  8. Select Add.

That's it!