Infectious Disease Protocols


We always roasted and packaged with the highest standards when it comes to food safety and the safety of our staff, suppliers and customers.

However, during this time of reactor need for attention to details, we have also implemented the following to ensure we do our part o stop any potential spread of ANY infectious disease:

1) We have adjusted to become a delivery only model, and in those circumstances where a pick up is absolutely required, we have a safe pick up zone located away from staff.

2) Our delivery drivers have a dedicated pick up / drop off zone for boxes.

3) We have suspended roastery visits.

4) We have scheduled a week on/week off model for our staff, so one employee is working in a isolated space, with support via technological tools.

5) Extra sanitation is employed before and after each shift, while there is also a period of 4-5 days Between shifts.

6) Our staff are fully committed to social distancing and only venture out to public spaces for essentials such as groceries. Otherwise, we are pretty much isolated from multiple potential infectious sources.

7) Our ability to interact and communicate with customers is truly amazing. W are doing erythema we can to keep you well informed on anything from your order status to how to brew the perfect cup. We are here for you even if we can’t meet in person.




Joe Ornato