JS Buchanan Public School Fundraising Initiative

Every year, school struggle with trying to provide students with enriched learning environments while dealing with financial resources that may or may not be available to create that environment.

The traditional means of raising money is to ask parents and relatives to give or buy things that are above and beyond their normal purchasing habits.  As the cost of living increases, these fundraising initiatives become too taxing on the our wallets.  The result is a lot of work for little reward.

At O-JOE coffee•tea•superfood, we believe that fundraising can be worked into everyday purchases.  As a small business in your community, we want you to purchase items that you would normally consume or enjoy anyway, while indirectly supporting your local school.  With each purchase, O-JOE donates 20% of the proceeds back to the school parent council.

On top of this, if you continue to purchase O-JOE products using this webpage, the proceeds of your purchase will ALWAYS support that initiative!  No renewals to deal with, no sign up forms, no door to door selling - just purchase here and the rest will take care of itself.

You may also want to know that O-JOE products are ethically sourced, naturally produced, environmentally packaged & ultra-fresh!

Thank you for your support!


To order and support this school, please do the following:

1) Shop on our website and choose the products you want to buy.

2) Upon check out, it is imperative that you use Discount Code JSBUCHANAN. This will ensure the school is flagged for support and to get free shipping to the school. ALSO, ensure you place your CHILD's NAME and TEACHER in the NOTEs section of the order. The parent council will be collecting orders once a week and getting them to your child at the school.

Cut off's for the free weekly delivery to the school is Friday 12 noon of the week prior. Orders processed after Friday 12 noon the week prior will be delivered the following delivery week. Feel free to call to arrange alternative pick up methods if this is an issue.