Wedding Favours



Organizing a wedding can be stressful, but we are all motivated in hosting a wedding so that our guests can enjoy our hospitality as we celebrate a new relationship together.  One of the most common ways to show gratitude for a guest's attendance is to give them a wedding favour.  However, more often than not, wedding favours have become artifacts - resulting in nothing more than something that ends up collecting dust in a cabinet - if you're lucky.

Choosing the right wedding favour is a delicate balance between usefulness, meaning and budget.

Having O-JOE naturally grown, hand roasted coffee in half pound or full pound sizes is a great way to show your gratitude to your guests, while giving them a unique gift that they can use and enjoy for days to come. You'll be making an ethical purchase that has meaning - making a small imprint on the world. Plus,  the smell of freshly roasted coffee is sure to get your guests talking!

Moreover, our parties and receptions can produce a lot of waste, and purchasing wedding favours from mass produced factories overseas contributes to social injustice in the form of exploitation and the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.  O-JOE coffee as a wedding favour will result in the following:

1) Ethically sourced coffee that is produced naturally, purchased fairly, and is of the highest quality in terms of freshness and taste.

2) O-JOE coffee supports organization such as The Café Feminino Foundation and the local Strathroy Rural Resource Centre for women.

3) O-JOE coffee is packaged in enviro-friendly bags that are made from recycled material, are recyclable and have a BPA plant based liner that is compostable.

4) O-JOE is a locally operated coffee roaster who will customize to your unique needs (as long as it does;t clash with our values).

5) O-JOE coffee is affordable - 1/2 lbs bags range from $10-11 and 1 lbs bags will range from $18-$20, depending on the size of your order.



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