Airscape® O-JOE Coffee Storage Containers

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We came across Airscape® because we love fresh coffee.  In fact, buying coffee in a plastic bag usually means that the coffee was roasted several weeks or months ago. To keep coffee fresh, I remember the days of buying bulk coffee from Costco and putting a bunch in the freezer.  Although this practice can work for keeping coffee fresh, the best way is by having no oxygen in the storing of your coffee.

Storing food in traditional “air-tight” kitchen canisters is like locking a hundred 8-year olds in a candy store overnight. Sure the store is locked but what good is that – the sugar eaters are inside with the candy! So it goes with most air-tight canisters as they actually lock the food-destroying air tightly INSIDE with your food, slowly eating away its freshness and flavor.  Air-tight kitchen canisters are fine for food storage if all you’re trying to accomplish is food “storage” – but why just “store” when you can “preserve”?

The AirScape kitchen canisters are different. They are the wise chaperones, scuttling the 8-years olds OUT of the candy store and locking them out! With its patented inner lid and valve, the AirScape forces the food-destroying air out of the food storage canister away from your food, extending the life of your coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food or any perishable really, multiple times over.

Designed of durable, BPA-Free, restaurant-grade stainless steel not only are the AirScape kitchen canisters non-toxic and nearly impossible to break, but they are also stain and odor resistant thus they won’t impart flavors.  In other words, they can be used for coffee storage one day, brown sugar the next and your brown sugar won’t taste like coffee.  This characteristic makes them the absolute perfect container for food storage.

Fresh just tastes BETTER, so do more than just store it – preserve it with the AirScape food storage kitchen canisters.  The only kitchen canisters that are so effective you can actually hear them preserve your food.