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It's simple: roast then blend some of our FAVs (favourites), resulting in a cup of coffee that is full flavoured, complex and rich, but not overpowering.  Notes of cocoa,semi-sweet chocolate followed by a hint of citrus, and a full body mouthfeel. Each bean is unique and amazing when brewed on their own, but when you combine certain characteristics of those beans with calculated ratios, you get one of the best combinations of flavours you'll ever have!

This bean blend can also be used for espresso extraction.  It's out most labour intensive to produce because we roast each type of bean separately, then post blend them in certain pre-measured portions to produce this excellent cup!  The fun part is that our high-quality coffee is seasonal, so each season we work with our specialty coffee suppliers to achieve a similar flavour profile using the beans that are in season and of the highest standard for quality.

The current blend is made up of the following high grown, small batch coffees:

Peru Washed- Cafe Femenino Organic FairTrade

Brazil Natural - Cachoeira da Grama UTZ

Ethiopia Sidama - Shentebene Washing Station


Guatemala Washed - Organic Nueva Armenia Estate

Sumatra Wet Hulled - Cafe Femenino Organic FairTrade