JOSEPH's DARK • Dark Roast

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JOSEPH’S DARK is an extra dark roasted coffee that is intended to make your taste buds explode! We wanted to see what would happen to the flavour if we took the beans to the roasting point at which they flirt with bursting into flames.  The trick was to do this without sacrificing a flavour that is smokey, bold & rich.   60 % Organic & FairTrade® Sumatra from the Gayo region, 10% Guatemala and 10% from Mexico Chiapas area make up this blend. Made from Café Femenino Initiative beans.


Elevation: 1200-1700 meters

Processing: Washed

Roast: Dark, 



Elevation: 609-1219 meters

Processing: Washed

Roast: Dark 



Elevation:  1200- 1500 meters

Processing: Semi-Washed

Roast: Dark