JOSEPH's DARK • Dark Roast

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JOSEPH’S DARK is a multi dark roast blend. We roast each origin separately to second crack, where the roasting process takes over from the terror of each coffee. However, we do this gently so as to preserve the oils as much as possible within the bean.

The result is a dark rich smooth coffee without bitterness!  

The combination of heavy bodied, earthy and even savoury coffee from Sumatra is blended with lighter bodied but very rich dark chocolate and crisp coffees from Mexico and Guatemala.  All coffees are produced organically.

Sumatra is Produced by The Café Femenino Foundation at 1200-1500 M.a.s.l. Cultivar-Varietals in this coffee are: Bourbon, Tim Tim, Catimor

Mexico Chiapas is produced organically by FEDCAFE Mexico, a respected producer with world leading coffee growing principles and programs to protect both the coffee plant and the environment. 1100 m.a.s.l.

Guatemala is organically grown by the Don Antonio Estate Nueva Armenia Farm, and was one of the first to become certified organic in Guatemala. They are also Bird Friendly. 1200-1500 m.a.s.l. Cultivar-Varietals in this coffee are: Red Bourbon, Catuai.