Macchina • Medium Roast for Automatic Espresso Machines (Non-oily)

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If you own a fully automatic espresso machine such as a Saeco, Breville, Jura or Miele, it is written in your owner's manual to avoid using coffee beans that are very oily.  It's a fact that all of the flavour of coffee comes from oils created during the roasting process, but the darker one goes with the roast, the more oily the beans become on the surface. When those oils are on the surface, they tend to clog the working parts of a fully automatic machine a lot quicker than the recommended regular usage.

However, most fully automatic espresso machine customers want to get maximum flavour, without damaging their machines.  We created a special blend of heavy bodied coffees, with low acidity, incredible créma and notes of nuts, chocolate & sweet rustic walnuts.  This blend will showcase the best in your fully automatic espresso machine while keeping external oils to a minimum.