Sumatra • MEDIUM ROAST • Café Femenino

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O-JOE Sumatra :  The aroma is Floral, fruity, sweet, with hints of vanilla and even sweet pipe tobacco .

When tasting this coffee roasted medium (almost to dark roast but not quite) you will get a Rich, lush, smooth, black cherry, tobacco, chocolate, and well balanced coffee. Sumatra coffee is known for its ultra-low acidity!


KOKOWAGAYO is the first all-women’s cooperative in Sumatra. While women carry key roles in coffee production, they are traditionally excluded from economic decisionmaking. A group of bold women formed this all-women’s cooperative to give economic power to female coffee growers. KOKOWAGAYO strives to increase the role and capacity of women in coffee farm and financial management. This group of business-oriented women are paving the way for redefinding gender norms in Sumatra. 

Permata Gayo supports its sister cooperative with training and export services, guaranteeing consistent and exceptional quality. While the concept of an all-women’s cooperative in the region is innovative in the primarily Muslim Ache region, it is a natural progression as girls receive equal education and women business leaders become increasingly prevalent. 

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