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Hoodwinked DECAF is a naturally sourced decaffeinated bean that is based on availability. The intention with this decaf is to be able to use it as a satisfying espresso but also as regular North American style coffee at anytime. 

Ethically-sourced, certified organic coffees from the most reputable cooperatives in Latin America, Indonesia and Africa are brought together in a United Nations of coffee harmony, producing a big-bodied sweet cup.

Look for herbal notes and dark chocolate.

When using as an espresso you get citrus and cherry, plus those herbal notes again, as well as a bonus treacle-like mouthfeel. This marvel performs just as well as a straight shot as it does in a large latte.

Currently, these are the origins that make up this unique decaf blend:

Check out Swiss Water® website for more on the decaffeination process.