Loney Reserve (a.k.a.The Ground Up Custom Blend)

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A unique blend of Sumatra,  Peru & Ethiopia Sidamo

 The Loney Reserve Blend was inspired by Steve Loney, the founder of former Ground Up Organic Café in Downtown London.  Steve is a passionate advocate of ethically sourced foods that have minimal impact on the environment.  The challenge that Steve presented to O-JOE was to create a blend that not only addressed his ethical concerns, but also could make a great espresso or drip coffee.

Steve has moved on to other projects, but the legacy of The Ground Up Custom Blend lives on here with LONEY RESERVE.  You can even have this blend delivered to your address if you sign up for a subscription for $5 flat fee!

The coffees used are all 100% certified organic, FairTrade® and support the Women's Rural Resource Centre & the YMCA Strong Kids program.