When Fundraising Fails

Quite often, we jump on the bandwagon of a major fundraiser because it seems like it is "the right thing to do".  Shouldn't all fundraising be a good thing that does good for all people?  In theory, yes, but in reality, a lot of mass marketed fundraisers end up benefiting only a few......


I have had the opportunity to introduce a high quality coffee bean from Indonesia. I have been brewing it for over a month now with a fantastic response.
More descriptively, it comes to us from the Permata Gayo Coffee Cooperative.  

The Co-op was established as a result of rebels and government in Sumatra "agreeing to disagree" in the aftermath of the tsunami back in 2004.  Both parties thought that after losing 130,000 lives that banding together and applying for aid from the rest of the world would help them rebuild their lands and prosperity.

Many papers were filed, phone calls made, and no aid money ever arrived to this region.  The Permata Gayo Coop is a true testament to what humans can do when they decide to work together to overcome adversity and tragedy.  

When you sip on this dark roast coffee, you can savour the flavour, but know you are contributing to an ethically sourced bean that is both organic and FairTrade®.

This particular Sumtatra is rich, bold, but leaves you with a syrupy mouthfeel and a semi-sweet aftertaste once we roast it to a dark profile.  If one word could describe this Sumatra, it would be "rich".  I, as a roaster, appreciate the fact that the coop takes the time to ensure there are no stones in my batch (Sumatra coffee is in such high demand that often farms don't care what they sweep up into the bags), and that the beans are uniformly greenish/blue in colour, indicating freshness.

If you have ever tried coffee done the "cold brew" way, this Sumatra makes for an amazing cold brew - thanks to Jerry Banman for that suggestion a few weeks ago.

Back to fundraising: It is good to fundraise, especially if you can trace the flow of money back to the cause & people it intended to support.  However, if we make better buying decisions, we can help those in need to help themselves, which not only builds character, but pride, and economic growth for everyone to enjoy.  When those in need are working hard to rebuild and are offering a quality product that will go directly to "their" cause - not yours - you ARE, in fact, fundraising, but in a healthy way.

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