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Food Disconnect

August 26, 2015 Joe Ornato

The hot weather has brought some refreshing times near the pool with family and friends.  Of course, food and drink around the pool are part of our custom here at The Ornato Homestead.  During this past weekend I was chatting with my brother-in-law about food, coffee, organic vs. non-organic, and we stumbled onto the topic of the Harmony Organic Dairy that I offer in small lots. He questioned what the prices were with respect to a 4L bag of organic milk and I had to think hard but I couldn't believe hearing myself say that is was just over $14...

Coffee & Poop

August 17, 2015 Joe Ornato

Enjoy this article which connects the dots between caffeine, acid & bowel movements with respect to coffee.  I've talked about this before, but this video is an excellent overview:

Distracted Driving BGone!

August 06, 2015 Joe Ornato

It wasn't until I drove up to my home on Glendon Drive 3 years ago and was blockaded by police telling me that I couldn't get through to my driveway because of an investigation of an accident. It turns out that an elderly man in his late 80s or early nineties was struck by a driver while riding his bicycle.  He made this daily bike ride a part of his routine for years, and it probably helped keep him in shape!  The result were charges against a man in his thirties for distracted driving causing death - incredible, sad changes...

Planetary Design Products Review

July 29, 2015 Joe Ornato

O-JOE carries these products and they are truly scrabble and of really good quality.  Check out what Seattle Coffee Gear has to say about them: To order your Planetary design product from O-JOE CLICK HERE.

Dukale's Dream and the irony of doing good

July 24, 2015 Joe Ornato

A new documentary was forwarded to me by a good friend this past week.  It is titled, "Dukale's Dream" and is about a young farmer in Ethiopia who is doing his best to make a living for himself and his children for the future with the production of coffee in Ethiopia.  Immediately I was excited to see a newer documentary examining the importance of organic production & ethical sourcing of coffee beans.  Moreover, it stars Hugh Jackman as he champions the cause to support and bring to our attention how our purchasing decisions affect real people around the world. As the film progressed,...




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