Distracted Driving BGone!

It wasn't until I drove up to my home on Glendon Drive 3 years ago and was blockaded by police telling me that I couldn't get through to my driveway because of an investigation of an accident. It turns out that an elderly man in his late 80s or early nineties was struck by a driver while riding his bicycle.  He made this daily bike ride a part of his routine for years, and it probably helped keep him in shape!  The result were charges against a man in his thirties for distracted driving causing death - incredible, sad changes occurred that day in both the accused and the deceased lives!

Every time I drive that corner where the fatality took place I almost feel the presence of the souls involved.

I recently hard a radio interview about a Canadian Company looking to help end distracted riving, called OneTap.  I urge you to check out their concept and website and think more deeply when the urge to check your phone supersedes the attention you should have on the road and anyone, including yourself, you can hurt or kill.