Hemp & Sunshine = A Perfect Life!

It's no coincidence that my choice of writing about the benefits of hemp is at the exact time when hemp is being heavily talked about in the media. I figure that I might as well capture your attention while it's a hot topic of interest.

However, the hemp that is portrayed in the media is the one that has the chemical components for creating an altered state of mind.  The benefits of this alteration are debatable, but the benefits of marijuana's sibling, hemp seeds & hemp oil (without the TCP) are very compelling.

Do any of these symptoms or ailments resonate with you or a loved one?


Heart Disease

Immune system Deficiencies

Joint Pain

Eczema or Skin Irritations

The lack of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in our daily diets is linked to each and every one of these diseases, but also, the ratio at which we consume these EFAs if you do eat them is just as significant.  Most of our foods have been processed. EFAs cannot be manufactured in our bodies like other fats.  rather, we must get them from our food intake.  However, most of us do not get enough EFAs in the optimal 3:1 ratio (Omega 6 to Omega 3). Coming from an Italian family, we were taught that olive oil was all one needed for heart health.  In fact, olive oil (when it's actually olive oil) is rich in Omega 6 at a 10:1 ratio with omega 3.  (Even the olive oil we think has EFAs was just reported to be fraudulent today on CBC radio.)  This gap in our diets between omega 6 & omega 3 has been known to show a link to degenerative disease and even an increase in violence - maybe one should study this gap in relation to ADHD in kids! (Oops here is a study already done!)

Getting the ratio closer to 3:1 is better for many ailments, and there even suggests evidence that before processed foods, we actually had a dietary omega ratio of 1:1 . (See Dr Weil's article link below)

A particularly interesting observation is a study by Nobel Nominee Dr. Johana Budwig, a pioneer of E.F.A research, which notes having optimal EFAs levels allows our cellular structure to absorb the sun's electrons.  On the contrary, most oils we consume or when our 3:1 ratio is out of line, those oils act like "tar" inhibiting our body's ability to absorb the sun's energy.  ( I am going with this one all the way- I will try to convince my wife to move south for the Winter!)

There is so much information about EFAs and numerous studies, some of which seem to contradict one another.  What I have done here is link a few that I think have been helpful in understanding the role, benefits, and consumption of EFAs with respect to one of nature's long time perfect foods:  Hemp Seeds & Hemp Oil ( which is available at O-JOE. Our hemp seeds and oil are Ontario grown, harvested and mineral rich).