Ontario Election Politician Spotlight Series @ O-JOE Thursday April 26th at 2pm

Coffee bars were instrumental in gathering intellectual thinkers for discussions about people, power and politics. In fact the French revolution has roots in a coffee bar! Although we are not planning on overthrowing any governmental power, we do believe that coffee bars can still provide a space for people to discuss issues dear to them and voice them among others. Come gather and listen to Todd Case from the Ontario NDP and share your concerns for this upcoming election. Todd is the first in a series of small informal gatherings we are having at O-JOE coffee bar.


PS: We do not endorse any particular candidate at this time. We simply want to provide a venue for political discussion and be informed voters. Todd's office was the first to get back to us and book a time. Monte McNaughton's office confirmed they would like to book a time.  Brian Everaert's office was left a message.  The Liberals don't even have a candidate picked out yet!


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